Are you an expert in your field with vast knowledge to share?
Yet, the fear of public speaking makes burning in hell seem attractive?
Does the fear of failure and imperfection stand in your way?

To speak successfully before an audience you have to be able to tell a good story. Structured and comprehensible. Let me help you with my 30 years of stage experience. Every topic works! Feel disconnected from your body and voice when standing in front of an audience? I will help you have command over your body and your voice to project through any distress! As a team, we will work on projection, vocal techniques, breathing and exercises for more intentional body language. We then move to a mastery of text. I will help you to edit your topic, so that you will take your listeners into your spell. Whatever your field, we can work in person or online.
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About Me

I was born in Hamburg, Germany and grew up in Israel and on the east coast of the United States. My performance career started in New York City and soon after I made my way over to Europe and been working in major stage productions in the German speaking countries ever since. My concert work has also taken me to wonderful places like Hungary, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Bangkok, Thailand. I feel very blessed to have been able to experience so many varieties of performance opportunities. As a director I was able to draw the very best out of every actor and bring the story to life. For more information on this visit my webpage

I started teaching in 2004 and soon discovered that there were many ways I could use my skills to help individuals from all walks of life meet their unique challenges. Since then, I have helped people in the medical, architectural, and executive sales fields overcome their fear of presentations and learn to tell great stories.  As a result, there sales have increased, their productivity has skyrocketed, and they have been lauded by their superiors. 
Every client comes to me from a different field and has a different agenda.  I love entering these new worlds and working with each one to meet the unique challenges they bring. Anything that involves telling a story and connecting to an audience – from making a sales presentation to giving a TED Talk, addressing employees to corporate training, stage scene work to audition prep – I can give you the skills to be your absolute best. 

It’s time to share your expertise with the world.

Do you want your very own director for your presentation?

Let me be your outside eye and provide a safe environment for you to start from scratch. Together we’ll find both your physicality and structured clarity of your unique message.


Geertje Meijering - osteopath, BEMER business partner

»Annika Bruhns Petersson is an unusually talented and passionate coach. She worked with me as I prepared a lecture to be held in front of 160 medical professionals. To keep these listeners attentive it takes more than just to be eloquent in your subject. The presentation needed to be interesting and inspiringly delivered as well as informative. I am a certified midwife, a certified dipl. osteopath and a business partner in BEMER therapy. German is my mother tongue. Annika used German and English during the coaching sessions although the lecture was set in Swedish. That proved to be no problem whatsoever. She pointed out many aspects in my presentation that I had not considered before. She worked on my timing, emphasis, body language and vocal aspects, pitch, breathing … A lot has to be synchronized in order to present the material in the most effective way. Annika was able to convey her knowledge in a joyful and easy way so it was not hard to follow her lead. The difference before and after Annika’s coaching was evident to myself but even more to my listeners. I have held quite a few lectures during the past few years, but now I can present my information in a higher quality and thus have more success. I feel more confident when I am on stage now. Colleagues gave not only positive feedback on the content of the lectures, but also very much on the presentational aspect. They were inspired as they knew the “before and after effect”, and wanted to know to whom they could turn to for help. I can highly recommend ABP Coaching for individual coaching to anyone who has to hold lectures or is required to speak in front of an audience.«

Jan Ammann - singer

»Annika Bruhns is a fantastic coach and colleague. Sometimes it is hard to get completely into the content of the story you want to tell. She managed, via skype-coaching-sessions, to dig further into the material to create something special that makes you aware of the most important lesson we got to learn. Is it singing / preparing for a musical role or a monologue/ dialogue  in a play: AUTHENTICY! 
The key word for any actor who wants to break down a role or a complete plot. She will make you sweat, I tell you that! But the outcome is a very prepared actor/singer who is subtle with a very profound view on the story he/she is telling. No need to be nervous anymore. All over sudden you look forward  to face the audience or the judges in an audition. I highly recommend Annika Bruhns, if you wanna grow and get better as a actor or singer.«

Janne Marie Peters - performer

»Every performer needs to be fully aware of his precise impact on the audience. Due to her experience Annika manages to take you through the journey it takes be able to stir your performance to the highest possible level of your own capability. Possible doubt and questioning moments are carefully analyzed and turned around to the best positive outcome possible. During my time of study with her I have learned to, instead of trying to do too much at once, focus completely on the essential core of my performance and thus to be successful in the clear and precise implementation the given task.«

Sara Stierna - architekt

»Annika lärde mig med bra konkreta tips och direkt och precis feedback - att hålla intresset uppe hos sin publik är den viktigaste uppgiften du har när du står framför en grupp! 
Efter mitt föredrag kom flera stycken ur publiken fram till mig och tackade för en intressant och engagerande presentation.«


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